Beaver Creek Christian Youth Camp
Senior and Junior Counselor Job Description
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Position Overview:
Beaver Creek Christian Youth Camp’s Senior Counselors and Junior Counselors, with guidance from the Senior Counselor, are responsible for carrying out program assignments and supervisory responsibilities of campers during camp programs and activities.  They are also responsible for providing a safe, enriching, joyful and Christ-centered experience for campers, consistent with faithful Christian living.

  1. A commitment to the Christian faith and willingness to live out your faith in word and action.  A willingness to teach campers in ways that are consistent with Christian values.
  2. A desire to work in outdoor ministries and to make campers the number one priority during the camp sessions.
  3. Willingness and ability to perform a wide variety of functions and help wherever is needed.
  4. Senior Counselors must be at least 18 years old and have at least a high school diploma or GED.  Junior Counselors must be at least 16 years old and be in school.
  5. Senior Counselors must pass Colorado Bureau of Investigation, Federal Bureau of Investigation and Trails background checks.


  1. Hospitality
    1. Create a hospitable atmosphere for everyone at Beaver Creek.
    2. Look for ways to make campers, parents, and others feel welcome.
    3. Interact with everyone in a friendly and accommodating manner.
    4. Take meals with the campers.
    5. Participate with and encourage campers to participate in special activities and programs.
  2. Camp Spiritual Life
    1. Ability, confidence, and knowledge to lead campers in daily Bible study.
    2. Pray in small and large group settings.
    3. Lead and help campers lead worship sessions.
    4. Participate and assist campers in religious education sessions.
    5. Express faith through actions of forgiveness, servanthood, love, grace and honesty.
    6. Share personal faith stories with campers.
    7. Pursue your own spiritual growth by praying daily, fully entering into worship, fully giving of yourself in Christian service and challenging yourself to find God’s blessings in nature and people.
  3. Health and Safety
    1. Abide by the covenants, policies and procedures in the Beaver Creek Employee Handbook and Beaver Creek Parent/Guardian Handbook.
    2. Assist campers with understanding and complying with camp rules and emergency procedures.
    3. Assist camp management, medical, kitchen and program staff in identifying and meeting special needs of campers, including dietary needs and physical, medical, social, emotional, or mental limitations.
    4. Monitor campers for health and injuries, involving medical personnel when appropriate.
    5. Counselors are housed at least (two per cabin) with campers to provide security and well-being for the campers.
    6. Make sure campers practice good hygiene, including brushing teeth, showering, changing clothes, washing hands, etc.
    7. Work with campers to keep the cabins, grounds and activity areas clean and safe.
  1. General
    1. Continually assess all aspects of the Christian camp experience for areas of improvement, excellence, and new opportunities.
    2. Participate in periodic evaluations (roses & thorns) of programs, etc.
    3. Be aware of and observe covenants, rules, regulations, policies or procedures in the Beaver Creek Employee Handbook, Beaver Creek Parent/Guardian Handbook and those that have been implemented after the handbooks and this document were written.
    4. Complete other duties as required.